Welcome back (to me)!

Kia ora kotou!

Firstly, I really hope you’re all getting this… as you may notice, my blog domain has changed to www.tworandomwords.net. My web hosting and domain renewal were due right around when I was due and so I let it lapse… and in the meantime someone else bought my old domain. So here we go – hopefully there aren’t too many teething issues.

Speaking of teething (or not teething, really, but it was a good segue), here is the reason I’ve been absent for so long:

Yep, that is one ridiculously cute looking baby. And yes, she is wearing a pink velour tracksuit with “PRINCESS” written across the chest and the bum. And yep, she is munching on a lamb chop, despite not having any teeth yet (we’re doing “Baby Led Weaning”).

“E” is now just over 6 months and holy heck, she is amazing. She is 6.5 months old and, with her and working part-time since way-too-early, and the post-partum changes to my body, I haven’t really felt like sewing much up until recently! I do have some garments I sewed while pregnant (and even a couple from before pregnancy) which I will try to get photos of soon, as well as the odd thing I’ve made since. Many of them I’m not wearing because they’re not breastfeeding friendly, but there they sit in my wardrobe!

So, that’s me. Hopefully back, not sewing or posting with as much frequency as previously but I will plod along.

One question, though: I have been doing sewing for E, and plan on doing a lot more. Do people want to see the baby clothes/things, or should I keep this blog just for my things (and the odd thing for Mr. Guy)?


17 thoughts on “Welcome back (to me)!

  1. Congratulations! She is very cute.

    As far as your blog goes, write about whatever you feel like. I just skip what doesn’t interest me, and one day I might go back and read things if they start to interest me. I think writing what and when you want to write makes it more interesting anyway.

  2. Welcome back to blogosphere and congratulations on your gorgeous little one. I added you via bloglovin so that’s working. Your blog is about what you chose to share of what is most important to you at the time, no? So write what you will.

  3. OMG so glad to see you back! E is adorable!

    Please share baby clothes if you’re so inclined anyway!! It’s relevant to your life now!

  4. I’m about to have my first grandchild so I’m suddenly passionately interested in baby sewing. Please share! Especially if modeled by your adorable daughter.

  5. Congratulations! What a gorgeous bub & it’s great that you sound like you’re throughly enjoying it all :) Share whatever you feel like I say. .

  6. Welcome back! Your daughter is so beautiful! I’d love to see baby clothes. My little one is 17 months, and I can’t get enough baby stuff.

  7. Congratulations on your beautiful daughter and I’m so glad you’re back!! I’ve missed hearing about what you’ve been sewing ! Write about whatever you want, I have recently sewn a backpack for my grandson who just turned 2. I’m planning on sewing him some shorts and shirts next.

  8. Welcome back. I notice you missing and I’m sooo glad it was such an innocent and understandable reason, and congratulations on your little mini-sophie

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