“I’ve Created a Muenster” Burger leggings

Oh migraines, how I loathe thee.  I had grand plans today of finishing my “0 degrees” dress and taking photos of projects I need to blog about already. At midday, however, I started getting that “I can’t see properly out of my left eye” thing that warns me of an impending migraine: I’m lucky enough not to get massive headaches with my migraines, but I do get a nasty aura that leaves me utterly useless, and very sleepy. Now, with the sun dipping below the mountains I’ve missed my chance of photos and all I want to do is go to sleep. Boo.

I did manage to get outside and go for a walk with Mr. Guy and the dog – so was able to take photos of one project. Excuse the less-than-inspired photos, I had a migraine!

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Space runner

More sportswear! In the last few weeks I’ve really felt like sewing with knits, and more sports leggings was the perfect choice: as mentioned last time, the two RTW pairs I have will need to be retired soon – the capri pair have been repaired about 10 times, and the long pair are only suitable for biking (the waist doesn’t sit high or small enough so I’m constantly trying to pull them up). Given that I bike to work every day and (occasionally) run on top of that, I needed more than just the leopard print ones.

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Blue Leopard Moneta

Okay, okay. I’m not quite sure where the time has gone – it’s been a month since I last posted. With the days getting shorter and the weather getting cooler, it gets harder and harder to take blog photos – and I now have a self-imposed “no screens within an hour of bed time” rule which gives me less time to write posts, and even less time to read them; I have >120 posts on my feedly to catch up on!

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Ginger Jeans and Bow Neck Knit

Edit: Can I be a super cheeky lady and ask that you please have a look at the pyjama party at Closet Case Files and vote for my PJ’s?? I love those PJ’s (in fact I’m wearing the pants right now) it it would be amazing to win one of those prize packs. And it’s pretty tough competition!

It’s been a while since I posted! But that certainly hasn’t meant that I’m not sewing. In fact, I have a bit of a backlog of projects to photograph (the weather hasn’t been the greatest for photos here recently).

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Crazy (comfortable) Dog Lady: the Carolyn Pajamas

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I’m showing you my first entry* for our Crazy Dog Lady challenge. This one wasn’t even planned for, but it was just One Of Those Things. First, Heather released her Carolyn Pajama Pattern. Then I went to Spotlight (after Siobhan‘s comment I remembered that you can get some nice stuff there) and found this dog-patterned flannel for $4/m.

*Obviously I can’t actually enter to win any prizes – boo! But you guys know that there are prizes, right? See here and here for more details, and SO many thanks to our sponsors – Riley Blake Designs, Grey’s Fabrics, Sewaholic Patterns, By Hand London, BlueGingerDoll, nettimadeit, MrZhuo, Kerso, Michael Levine inc, and G Marie Sews.

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Sewaholic Hollyburn in Viscose Crepe

I’m not really the “plan ahead” type of sewer, nor am I particular meticulous. I’d describe myself as more “slap dash”, though with experience I’m really improving on this front and am making sure I pay more attention to detail. Occasionally, though, I still get the mad desire to make something NOW and grab out some fabric and a pattern and have at ‘er. Often this works well, but sometimes it ends badly, with me throwing the finished garment in a heap, burnt out from such a quick release of sewing energy. Luckily this is happening less and less often, as I learn to recognise the dangers. But the other night I found myself cutting out fabric (badly) at 10pm and starting sewing – always a bad idea. It’s like Gremlins – do not give fabric scissors to Sophie after bedtime.

Luckily, this time it worked out well and I ended up with a pattern/fabric combination I wouldn’t have otherwise gone for.

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